Berkshire Symphony


The Berkshire Symphony is a 75-member symphonic orchestra comprising, in roughly equal proportions, Williams College music students, Williams music faculty members, and area professionals.

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Brass Ensemble


The Brass Ensemble performs on and off campus in recitals, church services, and college and community events performing in standard brass ensemble configurations from large to small and using original scores when applicable, or arrangements as necessary.

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Chamber Players

chamber-players voice, singing,

This faculty chamber ensemble presents concerts for the college and community throughout the academic year.

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Chinese Music Ensemble


The Chinese Music Ensemble performs traditional and contemporary pieces.

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Clarinet Choir


The Clarinet Choir performs small chamber works, as well as solo pieces in a studio recital at the end of every semester.

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Concert Choir and Chamber Choir

choirs-4, singer, voice

The choral program has much to offer students interested in singing, with a number of performances throughout the year, a wide range of repertoire, recordings, and tours. The Concert Choir and the Chamber Choir are made up entirely of students.

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Gospel Choir

gospel-9, singer, voice

This Christian-based, student-led group worships God through song and prayer.

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Handbell Choir


The Handbell Choir is a student-led group of 12 that rehearses weekly on a five-octave set of Schulmerich handbells.

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I/O New Music

io-1. percussion

I/O New Music performs cutting-edge new music that explores the full spectrum of today’s most vital compositional trends.

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Jazz Ensemble

jazz-4, trumpet

The Williams Jazz Ensemble is the cornerstone of a large and vibrant community of faculty members and students interested in big band, small ensembles, and vocal combinations of jazz at the college.

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Jazz Repertory Ensemble

jazz-2, sax

The Williams Repertory Jazz Ensemble is devoted to the study and presentation of significant composers and movements in jazz history. This newly conceived group is directed by Kris Allen. Rehearsals: Wednesday, 4:00-6:30pm

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Kusika and the Zambezi Marimba Band

kusika-6 zambezi

Kusika performs traditional African music, dance, and storytelling from Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Senegal. The Zambezi marimba band plays marimba music from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Marching Band


The Marching Band is a student group that performs at football games and other athletic and school events.

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Opera Workshop


The Williams Opera Workshop pairs student singers with young professionals to prepare operatic scenes and partial operas or operettas.

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Percussion Ensemble


The Percussion Ensemble performs new and adventurous music on a nearly limitless battery of instruments ranging from marimbas and drums to homemade instruments and found objects.

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Small Jazz Ensembles


Small Jazz Ensembles emphasize improvisational interplay with original compositions and arrangements by the band members. In addition, musicians can explore the many genres of jazz while seeking to hone skills through close work with master musicians. Auditions are held concurrently with other jazz groups in the fall. Small Jazz Ensembles are featured in their own

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Student Symphony


The Student Symphony is conducted and administered by students, with sponsorship by the music department.

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Wind Ensemble

wind-4, horn

This ensemble presents artistic programs blending traditional and contemporary wind band music. The ensemble often features adventurous programming, new music, and student conductors, composers, and soloists.

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Other Performance Opportunities

2015 Berkshire Symphony Student Soloist - Anna Deloi

Students have many opportunities to perform in smaller chamber ensembles such as woodwind, string, and jazz groups, as well as individually. Please see course information about Chamber Music Workshop. Chamber Music Workshop groups are coached by faculty on a weekly basis and culminate in a performance. Students enrolled in Individual Vocal and Instrumental Instruction courses participate in end-of

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