Chamber Music Workshop

Course ID: 
MUS 291-298
Major Status: 
General Elective
Yearly Schedule: 
Offered Every Year
Semester Offered: 
Every Semester
Permission of appropriate Chamber Music staff.

Chamber Music and other small groups coached by faculty on a weekly basis culminating in a performance. Offered as a partial credit fifth course. Students are encouraged to take this course for a letter grade, but as with all fifth courses, pass/fail is also an option. Students are required to prepare for 10 one hour coaching sessions during the semester. It is recommended that each group rehearse a minimum of 2 hours each week in preparation of the coaching. Each ensemble is responsible for keeping a weekly log of rehearsal times and attendance. The logs are to be handed in to the coaches at the end of the semester. In addition students are expected to practice the assigned music individually and are required to perform on the Chamber Music 291 concert at the end of the semester. The ensembles will be organized based on skill levels and the instruments represented.

To register for the course, a student must first contact the Chamber Music Performance Coordinator, fill out a registration/billing contract signed by both the Coordinator and the student, and turn that in to the Music office. This replaces the need to register on line. Students should register for 291 for their first semester enrolled in this course and should use the numbers 292-298 for subsequent semesters.

Enrollment limits will depend upon instructor availability. Preference given to more advanced students, to be determined by audition as necessary.

Registration for Chamber Music must be completed during the drop/add period of each semester.  It is recommended that students wishing to take Chamber Music instruction in the fall semester attend the Music Department open house.

Open to first year students.


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