Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers for commonly asked questions below.  We've organized the questions into specific groups to help you locate what you need. You may also use the search box above to look for specific words or phrases.

Concerts and Events

How do I find out about concerts?

Visit our calendar of events, Call the concert line at 413.597.2425, Subscribe to the e-newsletter, and/or join the Facebook Fan Page.

Are All Concerts Free?

 99% of concerts are free and ticketless. Some concerts - only those few in the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance - might require tickets or money.

The concert hall opens ½ hour before the performance.

How do I sign up to play in MIDWEEKMUSIC?

Go to the MIDWEEKMUSIC page and click on the MIDWEEK SIGNUP FORM.

How do I set up a recital?

Click here for recital information.

Who do I contact about bringing a Visiting Artist to Williams?

Visiting Artists are always sponsored by a member of the faculty and are chosen specifically to complement our course offerings and enhance the educational experience of our students.

Anything else, check the faculty page and find a full list of our outstanding faculty members.

Click here for details.

Facilities & Equipment

How do I book space in Chapin Hall or any room in Bernhard Music Center?

Contact Michelle Picard (597-2127) with your request. You can check the calendar ahead of time by going to Facilities and clicking on the room you want to book.

Who do I contact regarding audio in Chapin or Brooks-Rogers?

Contact Bruce Wheat (597-3073) for all audio questions for both venues.

What is the capacity of Chapin and Brooks-Rogers?

Brooks-Rogers seats 250 with room for 10 more to stand.

Chapin Hall seats 1060 when the extension is not on the stage. During the school year, the extension remains on and it seats 964. This includes the balcony and the side benches.

Do I receive any support when having an event/lecture in Chapin or Brooks-Rogers?

The music department does not provide support for outside events.

Can I borrow equipment from the music department?

The department does not loan out equipment.

What are the hours of operation?

The main music office is open from 8:30am - 4:30pm. The building is open from 7:00am - midnight.

The practice rooms are for the use of Williams students, faculty, and staff only.

What are the hours that I can come in to practice?

You can come in to practice at any time that the building is open.

How do I book a practice room?

Practice rooms are unlocked and on a first come, first served basis. You don't have to sign up for practice rooms. The practice rooms are for the use of Williams students, faculty, and staff only.

If you want to rehearse in Brooks-Rogers, Chapin Hall, or any of the other rooms listed under Facilities, you need to reserve the space with Michelle Picard (597-2127).

Click here for details.


Do I need to be a Music Major to participate in the ensembles at Williams?

No. Williams performing ensembles and all other opportunities are open to all qualified students regardless of major.

How do I learn about the various ensembles?

Click here for detailed information on each departmental ensemble.

Will I have to audition to play in the Williams ensembles?

Most of the Williams ensembles require an audition, some more formal than others. See the ensemble page for more information.

Can I take individual music lessons as part of my studies at Williams and if so is there an extra charge for this?

Yes. Individual instruction in instruments and voice is available to all qualified students as Music 251-258 and Music 325/26,427/28. As this is one-on-one teaching there is an extra fee assessed for these courses. However, the Music Department does subsidize part of the cost in an attempt to keep the cost to the students as low as possible. There are partial credit and full credit lessons. Click here to view the course options.

How do I sign up for lessons?

Click here for details.

Can I minor in music?

No. At Williams there are no minors in any discipline. However, many students double major in music in combination with majors in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and even other arts disciplines.

At what point in my college career will I be expected to declare a major?

Majors are declared in the spring of sophomore year.

How do I sign up to participate in the Berkshire Symphony Soloist Competition?

The forms are updated in the fall mid-semester.

Click here for details.

How do I donate money to the department?

If you wish to become a donor, contributions may be mailed to Music Ensembles Fund, Attn. Michelle Picard, 54 Chapin Hall Drive, Williamstown, MA 01267. Please let us know how you would like your name listed in our website, brochures, and e-newsletters.

Prospective Students

What opportunities are there at Williams for a serious performing musician?

Our ensembles are open to all students regardless of major, and there is a great variety of them. While some are more challenging and require greater commitment than others, in all cases the goal is the pursuit of artistic challenges and the achievement of musical goals through public performance. In addition to the departmental and student lead groups there are also opportunities for solo performance, chamber music, jazz combos, etc. See the Ensemble section of the web page for more information.

Should I submit an Arts Supplement even though I do not plan to major in music?

Yes. All serious music students who wish to continue their musical pursuits while at Williams should submit an Arts Supplement. We receive about 500 of these each year and review each of them carefully. Although we do not make admissions decisions we can and do advocate for those students whom we feel would strengthen the program. If we choose not to make a recommendation to Admission it does not have a negative impact.

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