Chapin Hall
10/30/2013 - 12:15pm

Bring a friend, bring your lunch, and enjoy our popular midday and midweek concert series. A musical sampler, every week offers up a mixture of traditional fare, with exciting accents of the unexpected. Williams student musicians value the informal atmosphere of MIDWEEKMUSIC and they use it to workshop their pieces, try out something new, show off something that doesn't fit in other concert formats, or just to have some fun. Instructors are encouraged to have their students present themes together, and the impromptu mini-lecture can also be part of the enjoyment.

This week features pianist Lisa Qiya Li '16; Kirk Swanson '14, piano; Claire Leyden '16, soprano; Harold Theurer '17, baritone and pianist Robin Kibler.

Relaxed and informal, MIDWEEKMUSIC is a chance for everyone to share the music while seated on the Chapin Hall stage. Enjoy the sound of our Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano in a setting that is at once regal and intimate.

Performers can sign up here!

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