Brass Ensemble


The Brass Ensemble, directed by Nathan Botts explores the wide breadth of music and expression available to brass instruments. From antiquity, where the terrifying sounds of brass instruments heralded war and communicated power, to the sound of medieval dance music; the beautiful introspection of renaissance wind music, or the beautifully ornamented architecture of baroque music; the melodic balance of classical music---the Brass Ensemble explores brass music as it developed using original scores when applicable, or arrangements as necessary. Additionally, the ensemble considers brass music in its most contemporary forms, including the jazz/funk street bands of New Orleans and the rhythmically twisted Roma bands of Eastern Europe. Performing in standard brass ensemble configurations from large to small according to the number of participants, the group performs on and off campus in recitals, church services, and college and community events. The group is open to all interested brass players.

2012 Auditions: Sept. 7, 2013


2013/2014 Performances:

March 20, 8pm

2012/2013 Performances:

April 20, 8pm

2011/2012 Performances:

April 14, 8pm

2010/2011 Performances:

          Eph Palooza                March 5     

2009/2010 Performances:

          Eph Palooza                Feb. 5     

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