Visiting Artists

Our Visiting Artists offer world-class performances from a variety of musical traditions. These outstanding artists enrich the arts at Williams with their fresh perspectives and vibrant inspiration. Visiting Artists events, like our other concerts, are free. We invite all members of the community to enjoy these events with us.

Current Season Visiting Artists

Voice & Piano Master Class
Sep 26|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Mirror Visions Ensemble
Sep 27|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Helen Sung, jazz piano
Oct 2|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Pablo Aslan Master Class
Oct 6|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Pablo Aslan Quintet
Oct 6|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Dal Niente Composition Reading
Oct 18|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|1:00 PM
Ensemble Dal Niente
Oct 18|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Ensemble East
Oct 21|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Jeffrey Swann, piano
Oct 30|Chapin Hall|8:00 PM
Swann Piano Master Class
Oct 31|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Dover Quartet
Nov 5|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Dover Composition Reading
Nov 6|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|2:30 PM
Les Délices: Myths & Allegories
Nov 19|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Baroque Instrumental Workshop
Nov 20|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Baroque Vocal Master Class
Nov 20|Chapin Hall|4:15 PM
Baroque Dance Class
Nov 20|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|7:30 PM
Les Délices Class Visit
Nov 21|Chapin Hall|10:00am
Voice Master Class (Roomful of Teeth)
Feb 12|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Roomful of Teeth
Feb 13|Thompson Memorial Chapel|8:00 PM
Wosner Piano Master Class
Feb 26|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Shai Wosner, piano
Feb 27|Chapin Hall|8:00 PM
André-Michel Schub, piano
Mar 15|Chapin Hall|3:00 PM
Schub Piano Master Class
Mar 16|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Gryphon Violin Master Class
Apr 7|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Gryphon Piano Master Class
Apr 7|Chapin Hall|4:15 PM
Gryphon Cello Master Class
Apr 7|Bernhard Music Center Room 30|4:15 PM
Gryphon Trio
Apr 7|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
de Mare Piano Master Class
Apr 9|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|4:15 PM
Anthony de Mare, piano
Apr 10|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
The Nile Project
Apr 11|Chapin Hall|8:00 PM
Wallace Roney Quintet
Apr 17|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM
Larchmere String Quartet
May 2|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|8:00 PM