Wind Ensemble

2018 Student Open House/Audition Info

The music department opens its doors to new and returning students for the annual Open House from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. Williams students are invited to meet with faculty, and to find out about music courses, as well as lesson and ensemble auditions.

All students can sign up for lesson or ensemble auditions right on the spot. Refreshments served.

Below is a menu of the largest auditions. To sign up for lesson auditions that are not listed below, just contact the teacher.

Would you like to see a list of our faculty and their specialities? Would you like to see who teaches lessons in your instrument? Click here and scroll down.

Audition Info

Ensemble Auditions for Jazz Groups
Wed Sep 6|Shainman Rehearsal Hall (SRH)|5:15 PM
Lesson Auditions for Voice
Wed Sep 6|Presser Choral Hall|5:15 PM
Auditions for Chinese Music Ensemble/Lessons
Wed Sep 6|Bernhard Music Center Room 29|5:15 PM
Lesson Auditions for Cello
Wed Sep 6|Bernhard Music Center Room 30|5:15 PM
Lesson Auditions for Sitar and Tabla
Wed Sep 6|Bernhard Music Center|5:15 PM
Lesson Auditions for Violin & Viola
Wed Sep 6|Bernhard Music Center Room 27|5:15 PM
Ensemble Auditions for Percussion
Thu Sep 7|Shainman Rehearsal Hall (SRH)|5:00 PM
Piano Auditions for Lessons and Ensembles
Thu Sep 7|Bernhard Music Center Room 27|2:00 PM
Choir Auditions
Sep 9, 10|Presser Choral Hall|1:00 PM
Ensemble Auditions for Wind Instrumentalists
Sat Sep 9|Bernhard Music Center Room 30|2:00 PM
Auditions for Williams Opera Workshop
Sat Sep 9|Presser Choral Hall|7:00 PM
Ensemble Auditions for Strings
Sun Sep 10|Bernhard Music Center Room 30|12:00 PM
Auditions for Zambezi Marimba Band
Tue Sep 12|Shainman Rehearsal Hall (SRH)|4:00 PM