Berkshire Symphony

Berkshire Symphony is a 75-member symphonic orchestra comprising, in roughly equal proportions, Williams College music students, Williams music faculty members, and area professionals. Continue reading »

Concert Choir, Chamber Choir

The choral program has much to offer students interested in singing, with a number of performances throughout the year, a wide range of repertoire, recordings, and tours. The Concert Choir and the Chamber Choir are made up entirely of students. Continue reading »

Jazz Ensembles

The Jazz Ensemble Program features a large ensemble (Williams Jazz Orchestra) and several small jazz ensembles, providing numerous opportunities and a supportive community for students. Continue reading »

Percussion Ensemble

The Percussion Ensemble performs new and adventurous music on a nearly limitless battery of instruments ranging from marimbas and drums to homemade instruments and found objects. Continue reading »

Zambezi Marimba Band

Kusika performs traditional African music, dance, and storytelling from Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Senegal. The Zambezi marimba band plays marimba music from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Continue reading »