I/O New Music

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I/O New Music presents new and living music in unconventional ways, making full use of performance spaces beyond the concert hall. I/O New Music curates the annual I/O Fest, which takes place each January. Composed primarily of Williams music faculty members and guests, I/O New Music performs cutting-edge new music that explores the full spectrum of today’s most vital compositional trends. The ensemble is especially interested in music that defies category, crosses musical and conceptual boundaries, and that challenges performers and audiences alike.

With its flexible roster, I/O New Music is able to perform electro-acoustic music, theatrical works, and compositions that re-imagine the capabilities of conventional instruments. I/O New Music invites audiences to fully experience music that is not merely contemporary, but that, in advancing the musical language and opening our ears, is essential.

The group, founded in 2008, is directed by Matthew Gold.

Rehearsals: Daily during Winter Study (January); fall and spring schedules to be announced.