Kusika and the Zambezi Marimba Band

Kusika performs traditional African music, dance, and storytelling from Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Senegal. This material is the core of Kusika’s repertoire and reflects the creative interests of its founders: Ernest Brown, professor of music emeritus, and Sandra Burton, Lipp Family Director of Dance and Senior Lecturer in Dance. The Zambezi Marimba Band plays marimba music from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In the Shona language of Zimbabwe, Kusika means “to create.” The repertoire of these ensembles consists of traditional pieces and original pieces based on traditional models.

Kusika and Zambezi have benefited from several short-term residencies with talented African and African-American musicians and dancers, including Ghanaian master drummer Obo Addy, shekere vituoso Ahmondylla Best, marimba virtuoso and composer Alport Mhlanga from Zimbabwe, dancer Lora Chiorah-Dye from Zimbabwe, and Chuck Davis’ African-American Ensemble.

Kusika and Zambezi perform two major concerts per year on campus.

Kusika was founded in 1989 and the Zambezi Marimba Band was founded in 1992. Tendai Muparutsa and Sandra Burton are co-directors of the ensembles.

Zambezi - Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00-6:00 pm
Kusika - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 4:10-6:30 pm