Small Jazz Ensembles


Concerts & Auditions

Ensemble Auditions for Jazz Groups
Wed Sep 6|Shainman Rehearsal Hall (SRH)|5:15 PM
Small Jazz Ensembles
Tue Dec 5|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|7:00 PM
Small Jazz Ensembles
Tue May 8|Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall|7:00 PM

Small Jazz Ensembles emphasize improvisational interplay with original compositions and arrangements by the band members. In addition, musicians can explore the many genres of jazz while seeking to hone skills through close work with master musicians. Auditions are held concurrently with other jazz groups in the fall. Small Jazz Ensembles are featured in their own concert at the end of the semester. Avery Sharpe, and John Wheeler, co-directors

Rehearsals: Thursday, 3:30-6:00pm (John Wheeler)

Rehearsals: Tuesday, Thursday, 6:30-9:00pm (Avery Sharpe)