Small Jazz Ensembles

Ensemble Auditions for Jazz Groups

Thu Sep 6|Shainman Rehearsal Hall (SRH)|4:00 PM

Williams Jazz Ensemble, Kris Allen

Williams Jazz Repertory Ensemble, Kris Allen

Small Jazz Ensembles, Avery Sharpe, John Wheeler

Thursday, September 6, 4:00  – 9pm in Shainman Rehearsal Hall

Students interested in participating in the Williams Jazz Ensemble, Williams Repertory Jazz Ensemble and Small Jazz Groups are invited to bring their instruments to Shainman Rehearsal Hall and for the jazz faculty who will work with qualified students following auditions to form ensembles and establish rehearsal schedules. To sign up for an audition please contact Kris Allen.

Students will be asked to sight read and play a piece of their own choice, and have the option to also improvise over a 12-bar blues progression.

Questions? Please email the instructor.