Cello Studio Recital and Voice Studio Recital

Ronald Feldman & Doris StevensonOf all of the standard western classical instruments, the cello has a wonderful repertoire of solo and accompanied works.  Cellists from the studio of Nathaniel Parke take full advantage of this wonderful body of work to perform for you on the Chapin Hall stage. The talented vocal students of Artist Associate Kerry Ryer-Parke next take to the stage to perform arias and songs of the classical repertoire.

This combined concert features students of the very musical Ryer-Parke team performing pieces of cello and voice. Nathaniel Parke, Artist Associate in Cello, presents his cellists: Ian Outhwaite ’17, Patricia Ho ’16, Weng-Him Cheung ’15, Yi-Tong Tseo ’17, Kalila Booker-Cassano ’14, Rachel Schwartz ’17, and David Burns ’14. Kerry Ryer-Parke presents Bryn Reinstadler ’15, soprano; Michael Vercillo ’14, baritone; Maia McCormick ’14, mezzo-soprano with Maija Lindaas ’16, harp; and Sarah Sanders ’14, soprano with Spencer McCarrey ’17, piano.