Kusika and the Zambezi Marimba Band

Club Zambezi Dance Party!

Dance Till You Drop! 
In a performance on the CenterStage of the ’62 Center, the Club Zambezi Dance Party includes the performance of one of the music department’s unique ensembles.
Founded in 1992, Zambezi was originally inspired by traditional Zimbabwean marimba bands. Professor Brown then designed a set of marimbas that differ from those of the usual Zimbabwean marimba
band in that they are chromatic, have a wider range, and are capable of playing many more kinds of music. Zambezi’s marimbas are a hybrid that combines tempered tuning with a rich, buzzy African tone quality and playing style. There is no band or set of instruments like these anywhere else in the world.

[$3.00 – Call the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance Box Office for tickets: 413-597-2425]

Second performance on Feb. 16 @ 2:00.