Other Events

Aguavá New Music Studio Composition Reading

Aguava New Music studio will read compositions written by students of the composition class of Professor Ileana Perez Velazquez (MUS 203- MUS 204) The reading is open to the public. Compositions include two songs for piano, viola, and soprano by Sarah Riskind ’09, a composition for viola, piano, and soprano by Brian Simalchik ’10, a composition for two percussionists by Sarah Riskind, and a composition for flute, clarinet, piano, and two percussionists by Brian Simalchik.

Aguavá New Music Studio assembles virtuoso artists for the preparation and production of new music projects. Boasting some of the world’s most skilled musicians, our ensemble offers interpretations of extraordinary technical achievement, particularly of contemporary works for vocal and vocal/instrumental forces. With several international tours and CDs to its credit, Aguavá New Music Studio has garnered high critical praise.

Aguavá New Music Studio has been described by International Record Review as “easily one of the most impressive ensembles in America today.” Formed by conductor Carmen-Helena Téllez, composer Cary Boyce and flutist/producer Alain Barker, Aguavá New Music Studio explores the ways in which new art music continues to be a part of our lives. Aguavá’s interdisciplinary concerts open diverse relationships between music and other arts, and evolve as theater of the mind and of the heart. The Washington Post has reviewed them as “fully immersing and thrilling…”.

Of Love and Courage selects from compositions by Louis Andriessen, Cary Boyce, George Crumb, Geoffrey Gordon, Larry Polansky, Antonio Borges Cunha, Kaija Saariaho, and Carmen-Helena Téllez. The concert at Williams College features a new work especially composed for the group by faculty member Ileana Pérez Velázquez.