Wind Ensemble

Ensemble Auditions for Wind Instrumentalists

Sat Sep 8|Bernhard Music Center Room 30|10:00 AM

Wind Instruments for All Ensembles

Ronald Feldman, Stephen Walt, Brian Messier, David Wharton

Saturday, September 8, 2 – 7:30pm, Room 30, Bernhard Music Center

Brass: 10pm – 12:30pm

Woodwinds: 12:30 – 3:30pm

For woodwind and brass students, only one audition is necessary for the Berkshire Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, and chamber music ensembles. For the Berkshire Symphony, Wind Ensemble and chamber music ensembles, the audition is for membership/placement.

Each student should prepare approximately 5-10 minutes of music from the orchestral, band, or solo repertory consisting of something lyrical and something technical.

Brass and woodwind players auditioning for the Berkshire Symphony should prepare two standard contrasting excerpts from the orchestral repertoire. A short solo demonstrating technique and sound is required. The Artist Associate in each instrument can be contacted for suggestions on excerpts.

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