Faculty Recital
Ronald Feldman, cello; Doris Stevenson, piano

Cello-Piano copy.indd

This collaborative performance showcases the talents of Ronald Feldman, cello, and Doris Stevenson, piano. The program starts with J.S. Bach’s Suite No. 2 in D Minor, a solo cello work that is both delightful and profound, a must-hear for every lover of music. Mr. Feldman and Ms. Stevenson next offer Samuel Barber’s zesty modern and romantically spirited Sonata op. 6 for Cello and Piano. Before moving to an intermission, Mr. Feldman welcomes fellow faculty cellist Nathaniel Parke to the stage to perform Menotti’s expressive Suite for Two Cellos.

Another composer whose life and work spanned the 20th century, George Rochberg, receives attention on this concert with Mr. Feldman’s interpretation of Ricordanza (Soliloquy for Cello and Piano). This is fitting, as the composer intended this piece as a “commentary” on the opening statement of a Beethoven sonata, which Mr. Feldman has obligingly programmed as the capstone of the evening.

For the final piece of this adventurous program Mr. Feldman offers the Beethoven Cello and Piano Sonata op. 102, Nr. 1 in C Major, a work that stands as a pillar in the world of chamber music and the cello repertoire. Mr. Feldman is also known for his creative encores – the audience never leaves without a smile and something to think about.