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I/O Fest – Melissa St. Pierre – After Hours

After Hours
Melissa St. Pierre – Alien Clangs and Clanks
new music for prepared piano

Pianist/composer Melissa St. Pierre performs piano music with its own lexicon, utilizing a variety of found object modifications between the piano’s strings and combining influences from neoclassicism, rock, and gamelan with results both weird and electrifying. Heavily percussive and meticulous, her approach to the prepared piano pays reverence to its first master, John Cage. Jumping off that rock ledge, she weaves her alien clangs and clanks into propulsive, minimalistic, musical vignettes. This program will feature works by Cage, Colin McPhee, and St. Pierre’s own music, described as, “tossing classicism and post-classicism overboard, utilizing the prepared piano and electronic enhancement to sail resolutely in the direction of rock & roll.”