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I/O Festival of New Music
After Hours

I.O Fest poster 1The I/O Festival of New Music continues with a late evening performance, “After Hours,” in the Dance Studio of the ’62 Center for Theater and Dance.

After Hours: Words and Music

Samuel Beckett’s Words and Music, with a score by Morton Feldman, and a new work by Brian Simalchik ’10 and Stephen Simalchik ’13 engages with the words of poet Lawrence Raab. Performed by Brian Simalchik, Stephen Simalchik, and Matthew Gold in the ’62 Center’s glass walled dance studio.

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  • January 10, 8 pm – counter)induction
  • January 11, 12 noon – Out of the Box
  • January 11, 8 pm – Iota Ensemble

Bonus Event on January 16, 5-8 PM
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