Kris Allen – Faculty Talk
"Too High to Get Over, Too Low to Get Under"- Register as Essential Melodic Element

ka4Lyell B. Clay Artist-in-Residence In Jazz Activities/Lecturer In Music Kris Allen hosts a talk titled, “Too High to Get Over, Too Low to Get Under”- Register as Essential Melodic Element.
Register, simply understood as the “highness or lowness” of any given note or group of notes, is one of the most basic and elemental attributes of any and all melodies. Our minds instinctively track the contour created by rising and falling notes, creating a “visual” representation and translation of sound events. No matter how many other more sophisticated analytic lenses we may acquire for perceiving musical meaning, this basic sensitivity to and awareness of simple “high vs low” is never outgrown. For the composer/improviser, register offers huge potential for creating narrative motion and meaning. Kris Allen shares strategies for gaining a heightened awareness and control of this basic expressive melodic medium, as well as recorded examples of masterful “registration” in jazz.