Kusika and the Zambezi Marimba Band

The Fall All Dance Department Concert
Kusika & Zambezi

2014_Williams_Music_Dept_Marimba_BandKusika and Zambezi is a joint project of the music department, dance department, and the Fund for Afro-American Studies. The groups perform dance, music, and storytelling from the African continent and the diaspora. Founded in 1992, Zambezi was originally inspired by traditional Zimbabwean marimba bands. Professor Ernest Brown, developing this idea further, designed a set of chromatic marimbas with a large range, capable of playing many different types of music. Zambezi’s marimbas are a hybrid combining tempered tuning with a rich and buzzy African tone. With instruments found nowhere else in the world and an inspiration all its own, the Zambezi Marimba Band is truly unique.