Kusika and the Zambezi Marimba Band

Kusika/Zambezi Marimba Band Spring Concert
“N’ihu N’ạzu N’ạzu N’ihu”

“N’ihu N’ạzu N’ạzu N’ihu” Igbo for “forward backwards, backward forward.”

Translation: forward backwards, backward forward

This year Kusika invites alumnae to join us as we revisit dance and music from three decades of study and performance. We will reconstruct master musician/composer Kweyao Agyapon’s dynamic Appel as a full company work for the djembe orchestra, continue to explore the Ring Shout as a foundation for new material, and introduce the rich Samba tradition from Brazil to our repertoire. The African continent’s global impact informs our past, present, and future studio practice, creating a foundation that connects Kusika as an international community across generations of dancers, musicians, and artists.

Co-sponsored by the Dance and Music Departments, Kusika is an ensemble dedicated to performing dance, drumming, and storytelling from Africa and the African diaspora. Founded in 1992, Zambezi has been inspired by traditional Zimbabwean music as well as contemporary African styles. Zambezi’s chromatic marimbas are hybrids, combining tempered tuning with a rich and buzzy African tone, making this a truly unique ensemble.