Bin Phan & Jeffrey Dyer, Khmer music and lecture
"Soul of the Khmer: Music of the Khmer People"

Bin Phan & Jeffrey Dyer (pictured)

This performance will be held in:

Henze Family Fireplace Lounge
2nd Floor
Paresky Student Center

Music is a prominent part of Cambodian life and culture. Wedding music is a particularly important form of art that has sustained and connected generations of Cambodians through periods of turmoil and periods of peace. Through music and discussion we will explore what makes this particular form of art so important and why musicians are working so hard to pass it on to a new generation.

Bin Phan grew up in Cambodia and has been playing music from a very early age. He lived through the Khmer Rouge era and came to the United States in the 1980s. He lives in Lowell, Massachusetts, and regularly plays and performs traditional Khmer music.
Jeffrey Dyer was born in Milton, Massachusetts, and graduated from Milton High School in 2000. After studying music at Hamilton College, he received a Watson Fellowship and spent one year in Cambodia studying traditional Khmer music. He is currently pursuing graduate study at Tufts University and performs Khmer music when time allows.

Jeffrey Dyer, a 2004 graduate of Hamilton College where he majored in music, was awarded a fellowship to study the music of Khmer and has been active since then as a musician dedicated to carrying on the rich musical tradition of the Khmer (people of Cambodia).

Sponsored by the Department of Music and Asian Studies.