Jazz Improvisation Recital

Of all of the musical disciplines, composition and performance are among the most exulted and difficult to master. Generally considered separate bailiwicks, students of jazz improvisation take on both tasks simultaneously. The results can be refreshing and surprising.


Trumpet: Jonathan Dely ’15

Soprano Sax: Aaron Freedman ’12

Clarinet: Joseph Iafrate ’14

Guitar: Apoorva Lal ’15

Cello: Natalia Loewen ’12, David Burns ’14

Baritone Saxophone: Gregory McElroy ’12

Piano and Clarinet: Eric Liao ’14

Piano and Percussion: Laone Thekiso ’12

Piano: Daniel Schreiner ’14, Carlos Dominguez ’13

Bass: Matthew Staiger ’12, Kevin Lawkins ’13

Violin: Olivia Uhlman ’13

Drums: Phil Parnell ’13

Teaching Assistant: Brad Polsky ’12