Small Jazz Ensembles

Recital: Small Jazz Ensembles

Andy Jaffe, Avery Sharpe, and John Wheeler – coaches

The Billsville Love Galaxy Collective, students of Andy Jaffe

Brad Polsky ’12: alto sax and clarinet

Christopher Picardo ’13: tenor and soprano sax

Jonathan Dely ’15: trumpet

Matthew Staiger ’12: bass

Charlie Sellars ’13: drums

Daniel Schwartz ’13: guitar

Taylor Halperin ’14: piano

Jazz Program Teaching Assistant: Brad Polsky ’12

The SRH Quintet, John Wheeler, director

Ethan Gracer ’14: tenor saxophone

Jackson Scher ’14: alto saxophone

Andrew Beaudoin ’15: guitar

Kevin Lawkins ’13: bass

Eugene Murphy ’13: drums

Avery Sharpe Ensemble

Brice C. Green ’15: alto sax

Kevin C. Lawkins ’13: acoustic bass

Eugene A. Murphy ’13: drums

Philip A. Parnell ’13: drums/marimba

Eric Y. Liao ’14: piano

Apoorva Lal ’15: guitar

Lily S. An ’15: vocals