Senior Thesis Recital
Stephen Ai ’18, piano

Stephen Ai ’18 is a senior at Williams College pursuing a double major in mathematics and music. He is currently studying with Ms. Doris Stevenson. As a soloist, he has received many awards for his musicianship, including the Berkshire Symphony Soloist Competition, American Protégé Talent Competition, American Fine Arts Festival, San Diego Symphony Hot Shot Young Artists Award, and California Bach Festival Complete Works Audition Awards, and has appeared in concert with the Berkshire Symphony, San Diego Symphony, and the Los Angeles Bach Festival Orchestra. In masterclasses, he has performed for and received guidance from eminent artists, including Angela Hewitt, Stephen Hough, Andre-Michel Schub, Vitaly Margulis and Ruth Slenczynska, among others. Past teachers include Ms. Anna Stal, Ms. Judy Huang of the Orange County School of the Arts, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Irina Tseitlin of the California Institute of Music. Next year, he will attend the University of Cambridge to complete an MPhil in Music.