Casey McLellan ’14, percussion
Student Recital

Percussionists have a different relationship to their instrument(s) than do other musicians. Anything resonant is fair game, and so the universe of the percussionist is roughly divided into three worlds: metal, wood, and skin. In this performance, Casey McLellan ’14 explores the former of the trio, light, heavy, and everything in between. With the audience seated on the Chapin Stage, Ms. McLellan begins the recital with this metallic theme before moving the entire proceedings out to Chapin courtyard, an al fresco location of glass and metal sculpture.

Featured on this program are works arranged by Ms. McLellan. The objects of her interest include the composers John Cage and Edgar Varese, two iconoclasts of the twentieth century. Also included are works by Ms. McLellan herself as well as Brian Simalchik ’11, and David Lang.