Unsilent Night

unsilent-night-pic_sans-logo_0Enjoy this performance that starts on the steps of Chapin Hall and moves on through the town. Unsilent Night is a magical, participatory outdoor musical experience. It is like holiday caroling in that involves many people gathering together and moving through a neighborhood on a winter’s evening celebrating the season through music. Unlike caroling, the music is without text or religious connotation, and is comprised pre-recorded audio tracks, composed by New York-based composer Phil Kline (who will join us for this ‘performance’). The community is invited to come, bring a bluetooth speaker, boombox or even just a phone through which to play the piece. We will walk through campus and town as the piece fills the cold night air. All are welcome. The more the better! (Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night link here.)

Phil Kline also offers a lecture open to the public on Mon. Dec. 5.