Jazz Ensemble

Williams Jazz Ensemble/Jose Limon Dance Co.

The Williams Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Erik Lawrence has been invited to accompany the world renowned Jose Limon Dance Company.

“The reason we need major moderns such as Limón . . . on our dance menus is not just because they’re part of our artistic heritage but because they’re often better than contemporary choreographers who attack the same scores, subjects or themes . . . the millennial Limón dancers still satisfy and then some.”
The Los Angeles Times

The Limón Dance Company will revive Rooms (1955), Anna Sokolow’s seminal masterwork about urban alienation. The reconstruction of this groundbreaking piece, including a new version of Kenyon Hopkins’ jazz score performed here by the Williams Jazz Ensemble, epitomizes the spirit of the company on the 100th anniversary of Limón’s birth. Founded in 1946 by the pioneering dancer and choreographer José Limón (1908 – 1972, b. Culiacan, Mexico), Limón is a company steeped in history and has had a tremendous impact on the development of modern dance in the 20th century.