Percussion Ensemble

Williams Percussion Ensemble

The Williams College Department of Music presents the Williams Percussion Ensemble on Friday, April 20 at 8:00 p.m. in Chapin Hall on the Williams campus. This free event is open to the public.

In a concert titled BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NOISE, the Williams Percussion Ensemble continues its mission of bringing new and adventurous music to a wider public.  The title refers to a work by the musical revolutionary John Cage who will be featured in events this season and next in celebration of his centenary year.  The ensemble performs his early landmark First Construction (In Metal) from 1939, and his late work But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper from 1985. Ensemble member Laone Thekiso ’12 contributes a world premiere for Zimbabwean marimbas, concert marimbas and vibraphone, and brass in a collaboration with the Williams Brass Ensemble.

Oboist Zina Ward ’12 is the featured soloist in una luz en la neblina distante for oboe and percussion quartet by Orlando Jacinto García. And representing new directions in contemporary composition are works by Dennis DeSantis, Sam Pluta, and Tristan Perich employing found sounds, junk instruments, feedback loops, and the gentle chiming of 1-bit electronic music.

Williams Percussion Ensemble

In programs featuring cutting edge new and experimental music, and important works of the twentieth-century, WiPE surveys a vast terrain of sound and rhythm.  The ensemble employs all manner of percussion instruments, found sounds, and electronics to create music that resonates across boundaries of genre and discipline.  In addition to music for percussion alone, the group presents works for mixed ensembles and new and experimental music for other instruments, and has often worked directly with composers.  The ensemble also collaborates with artists in diverse media in order to explore the connections between different types of sound, form, image, and movement.