Wind Ensemble

Williams Symphonic Winds
"Yo Shakespeare"

Director Steven Dennis Bodner

Tonight’s concert features music that reinterprets and re-contextualizes the lives of mythical, historical, and idealized individuals, ranging from a Renaissance dutchess (in Reynaldo Hahn’s Le bal de Béatrice d’Este) to the characters in Othello (in the “Wedding Dances” from Daron Hagen’s opera Bandanna, a recasting of Shakespeare’s tragedy as a Texas-Mexico border town melodrama), from a frenetic artist (in Michael Gordon’s Yo Shakespeare) to solemn monks (in Arvo Pärt’s Fratres). The concert also features the premieres of new works by Williams students Sarah Riskind ’09 and Brian Simalchik ’10

Michael Gordon: Yo Shakespeare (1992)
Arvo Pärt: Fratres (1977) [two different versions]
Daron Hagen: “Wedding Dances” from the opera Bandanna (1998)
Louis Andriessen: Odysseus’ Women (1995)
Reynaldo Hahn: Le bal de Béatrice d’Este (1906)
and new works by Sarah Riskind ’09 and Brian Simalchik ’10