Please submit this form no later than Thursday at 5:00pm before the MIDWEEKMUSIC concert you wish to play in. If you submit later, we cannot guarantee you a performance time slot. You may certainly submit the form as far in advance as you wish!

  • ex: '18
  • eg. Soprano, or Tenor, etc. but NOT “Voice”
  • Don’t forget to include collaborative artists!
    (ex. Nayim Last '19, guitar; Mitt Dart '19, baritone)
  • Choose ANY coming MWM date this semester!
  • "Please put me on/at the end/at 12:30/at the beginning."
  • eg. cello-T, chair, stand, etc.
  • include birth and death years
    e.g. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)
    Quincy Jones (b. 1933)
  • ex. Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, op. 25
    ex. "Monica's Waltz" from The Medium
  • ex. II. Allegro
  • Only include if you're a vocalist performing a piece not in English.