2018 Berkshire Symphony Student Soloists Announced!

The Williams College Department of Music is delighted to announce the results of the Berkshire Symphony Student Soloist Competition for 2018!

Benjamin Mygatt ’20, Calvin Ludwig ’18, Qiana Yang ’19

The panel has selected:

Benjamin Mygatt ‘20, violin

Robert Logan, collaborating pianist


Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 – 1975) – Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, op. 99 – Burlesque: Allegro con brio


Calvin Ludwig ‘18, flute

Edwin Lawrence, collaborating pianist


Charles Griffes (1884 – 1920) – Poem for flute and orchestra


Qiana Yang ‘19, piano

Elizabeth Wright, collaborating pianist


Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856) – Piano Concerto in A Minor, op. 54 – Allegro affettuoso

The competition was hosted by Ronald Feldman, conductor of the Berkshire Symphony, and judged by a panel of guest musicians – Joel Pitchon (strings), Gili Melamed-Lev (piano), and Amanda Boyd (voice).

Mr. Feldman and Professor Marjorie Hirsch also extend their thanks to the supporting pianists: Elizabeth Wright, Doris Stevenson, Stephen Ai ’18, Evan Kauffmann ‘21, Robert Logan, Robin Kibler, and a special thanks to Edwin Lawrence for his playing and for his administrative support. The competition would not be possible without the incredible dedication of our instrumental teachers, who mentor and support our performers. Thanks also to Jeffrey Miller, Stage and Orchestra Manager, and the concert team for making sure that the competition and recitals ran smoothly.

The student musicians have been selected for the honor of performing their pieces along with the Berkshire Symphony on Friday April 20, 2018 at 8 p.m. in Chapin Hall on the Williams College campus.


We also want to thank all of the performers (in performance order):

Christine Pash ‘18, soprano; Edwin Lawrence, piano

Jack Romans ‘20, baritone; Robin Kibler , piano

Brandon S. Hilfer ‘20, baritone; Edwin Lawrence, piano

Amelia Dana ‘18, soprano; Edwin Lawrence, piano

Leonard Bopp ‘19, trumpet; Evan Kauffmann ‘21, piano

Kurt Pfrommer ‘18, tenor; Robin Kibler, piano

Sean Wang ‘18, piano; Doris Stevenson, piano

Sebastian Black ‘19, piano; Doris Stevenson, piano

Yeojin (Julia) Choi ‘20, piano; Doris Stevenson, piano

Jeffrey Pearson ‘20, violin; Robert Logan, piano

Erin Kennedy ‘19, soprano; Stephen Ai ‘18, piano

Andrew Rim ‘20, cello; Elizabeth Wright, piano

Seunghyun Angela Yeo ‘18, soprano; Stephen Ai ‘18, piano

Dawn Wu ‘18, viola; Robert Logan, piano