Darbuka (aka Doumbek or Tabla) Workshop with Rami El-Aasser

Thursday, September 21
Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall

Yes To Shaabi, Popular Rhythms from around the Middle East with Ramitabla

There will be drums for all.

Sign up requested.

Google Form Link: https://forms.gle/AwMTeJR9z8cxVGiNA

Learn the basic language of these drums, and the fundamentals of rhythm as we play some popular

rhythms from around the region. This intro workshop will continue, for those interested with weekly practice and/or participation in MEME ensemble.

These exact drums, namely Darbuka aka Doumbek or Tabla, and Frame Drums, have been in our hands for millennia, the evidence is carved in stone on ancient temple walls.

TLDR: Come bang on things. Good times.