Scholarships & Awards

Commencement Awards

These prizes are specifically designated for music students and are awarded by the faculty based on the musical activities and contributions of each student.

  • Shirley Stanton Prize in Music was established in 1982 by family and friends in memory of Shirley Stanton, who served the college community through the music department and the Conference Office.  Awarded to that student who has best fulfilled his or her potential in music while at Williams.
  • Arthur Judson Prize in Music was established in 1984 by a gift of $10,000 from the Arthur Judson Foundation. Selection to be made by the faculty of the Music Department. Awarded to a student for achievement in music, with preference given to those “choosing or planning a career in Music Management or Music Administration.”
  • Robert G. Barrow Memorial Prize for Composition was established in 1989 in memory of Robert Barrow, professor of music at Williams 1939-1976, to be awarded to a qualified music student on the basis of his/her accomplishment in music composition at Williams College and on promise as a composer
  • Jean Donati Student Employee Award in Music was established in 1988 by colleagues and friends, in recognition of Jean Donati’s service to the music department in management of both office and concert operations (1966-1988). Awarded to a senior who has done the most for the music department as a student employee during his/her years at Williams.
  • William W. Kleinhandler Prize for Excellence in Music established in 1991 in memory of William Kleinhandler, 1950, as an annual prize for excellence by a student in the department of Music.

Fine Arts Students

  • Hubbard Hutchinson, Class of 1917, Memorial Fellowships established in 1940 in memory of Hubbard Hutchinson are awarded each year to one student in music, creative writing, visual art, dance and theater. Each department nominates a candidate from a list of applicants provided by the Deans Office early in the spring semester. In music, qualified composers are given first consideration followed by performers. Preference is given to music majors, but non-majors are encouraged to apply as well.

Tuition Scholarships

All financial aid at Williams College is based upon financial need. On this basis there are a number of scholarships awarded through the Office of Financial Aid in consultation with the Department of Music to students active in music:

  • Joseph C. Ford ’08 Scholarship
  • Joseph O. Kremer ’36 Memorial Scholarship
  • Eli J. Loranger III ’58 Scholarship
  • Florence E. and Horace L. Mayer Scholarship
  • Frederick H. Robinson ’20 Memorial Scholarship
  • Alice Oakes Dunn Memorial Scholarship