Edward Gollin

Edward Gollin
Professor of Music
Bernhard Music Center Rm 38


B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1992)
M.A. Queens College, CUNY, Music Theory (1995)
Ph.D. Harvard University, Music Theory (2000)

Areas of Expertise

Music of Béla Bartók

Systems of coherence in tonally-dissolute and atonal musics of the early twentieth century

Mathematical and computational models of musical structure (including transformational theory and neo-Riemannian theory)

Historical music theories


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

MUS 102(F)

Introduction to Music Theory

MUS 103(F)

Music Theory and Musicianship I

MUS 202(S)

Music Theory and Musicianship II

MUS 301

Modal Counterpoint

MUS 371 T

Music Analysis: Music with Text

MUS 473(S)

Process Music


Mr. Gollin has spoken at numerous conferences, and his articles have appeared in the Journal of Music Theory, theJournal of the American Musicological Society,Theory and Practice, and Intégral. He recently led a workshop for theory professionals on transformational music theory at the Mannes School in New York. He is currently working on a book that integrates tonal, serial and transformational analytical perspectives on Bartók’s music with insights provided by Bartók’s ethnomusicological work