Special Music Admission Information

Admission to Williams is based largely on academic excellence. However, the college’s goal is “a first year class which, as a whole, brings a breadth of skills, experiences, and passions to campus.”

This means if you are a serious musician wishing to continue your musical studies on the highest possible level while at the same time attending one of the top academic institutions in the country, Williams might just be the place you are looking for.

The Williams Music Department offers opportunities for all musicians regardless of intended major. We are particularly proud of our orchestra, choirs, and jazz groups which rival those of any small college. In addition we offer a wide variety of courses in music composition, music history, ethnomusicology, music theory, and performance which are available to all qualified students.

Each year, Williams College seeks applications from accomplished instrumental and vocal students with a strong commitment to continuing their musical growth as performers and scholars during their college years.

Although we sometimes identify specific instruments or voices we might feel are needed to keep the program strong, we are always interested in musical excellence regardless of the form it takes.

In order for your musical interests and experience to be considered during the admission process applicants are encouraged to send an Arts Supplement along with the regular application.  Please follow instructions on the admissions page for instructions how to submit a supplement williams.slideroom.com/#/Login

Please contact us with any specific questions you may have or if you have other questions not answered on our website. We hope you will visit us at Bernhard Music Center, hear a concert, attend a class, and meet with me or a member of the faculty. You are also invited to play or sing (informally) for one or our ensemble directors or instrumental/vocal teachers. We will do our best to accommodate your travel schedule.

Best of luck on your college search!

Ed Gollin, Chair, Department of Music